We plan for everything but that one certainty.

From years of helping families, we know pre-planning eases the decision making process which can leave a huge financial and emotional burden on family members left behind. Our interactive pre-planning guide will show you some of the decisions you will face when making arrangements for yourself or for others. Feel free to fill out our pre-planning guide; it takes but a moment. Our Family Service Representatives will contact you to answer your questions and make your experience more pleasant.

Pre-planning allows you to make preparations for your funeral and burial and assures your final wishes will be carried out.

The benefits of pre-planning with West Laurel Hill are many. Families who pre-plan with us admit there is peace of mind when finished the process and emphasize that the convenience of One Call To One Place - For Everything is most beneficial. Remember, any decisions you make today can easily be altered tomorrow should your circumstances or preferences change. The funeral plans you so carefully work out with us are transferable should you relocate. Lastly, when pre-planning, you can take advantage of locking in today’s cost against tomorrow’s price increases.

There is neither charge nor obligation for helping you with your arrangements. At your discretion, you can choose to fund your plan. Funding, however, is not a requirement of pre-planning.

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