Endowments & Living Care

Endowments & Living Care

As stewards of these magnificent grounds, it is our responsibility to ensure its everlasting beauty.

West Laurel Hill is a privately owned 187 acre arboretum and architectural gem with an outstanding collection of specimen trees, shrubs, legacy properties, mausoleums and monuments.

One way we guarantee our property remains exquisite is through endowments which is why we require an endowment for families requesting special landscaping for their individual lot. This endowment helps provide the necessary funds to care for and sometimes replace these plantings.

Families who have chosen West Laurel Hill expect our property to remain befitting their loved one, therefore continual maintenance will occur throughout the year including removal of plantings on properties which are overgrown or dying and have no endowment funds available. While we need to remove these aged plantings, we would be pleased to discuss new landscaping plans for your property.

Please call your Family Service Representative to schedule a meeting to discuss what sufficient endowment is required to assure your property’s permanent care and the difference between, perpetual care, living/lot care and endowment care.