Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Your loved one never leaves our care.

Cremation does not limit a families choices. Families may choose a traditional funeral service that includes a viewing prior to the cremation. After cremation, families may choose a memorial service to be held at a later date. Often families choose both.

Our Funeral Home, unlike most other funeral homes, has its crematory onsite, on the grounds of West Laurel Hill Cemetery.

There are many options available for the final resting place of your loved one’s cremated remains. We offer in-ground property, niches, and ceremonial releasing in our scattering garden. All our cremation options include a permanent memorialization.

The Reflection Garden at West Laurel Hill Cemetery, is a perfect inexpensive and dignified way to honor your loved one. Families may have all or a portion of their loved one’s cremated remains released in the Reflection Garden and permanently memorialized in our Book of Life. Located near our historic crematory and chapel, the Reflection Garden is a natural setting of mature trees, seasonal plantings, with an elegant fountain completing this beautiful and serene resting place.

Scattering may be done in many places and may necessitate services of a third party. Our staff can facilitate such arrangements and monitor the process. Some locales may not allow such releasing to take place, and therefore it is important to see if your location of choosing allows cremated remains to be released prior to the service.

For those families interested in non-traditional final disposition, or creative ways to memorialize their loved one:

  • Jewelry - By extracting carbon from cremated remains using extreme heat and pressure, a simulated diamond or other gem can be created.
  • Artwork - Artists will combine cremated remains with oil paint and create a painting of choice, including portraits and landscapes.
  • Burial at Sea - Releasing of cremated remains or full body is available from the U.S. Navy, for veterans and their families, and others who have performed notable service to the U.S. government, as determined by the chief of Naval Operations. Commercial operators also offer releasing of cremated remains at sea.
  • Reef Construction - Cremated remains can be combined with concrete to create new marine habitats for fish and other forms of sea life.
  • Space - A ceremonial portion of cremated remains can be included in a rocket launched into an earth orbit.
  • Aerial Scattering - Commercial operators will release cremated remains from an airplane at a specified location.