Cemetery Services

Cemetery Services

West Laurel Hill Cemetery and Funeral Home is one company with one singular purpose - to serve families by providing them with one place to honor their loved one and help preserve their legacy.

Historic West Laurel Hill is a privately owned, non-denominational, non-profit cemetery with 187 acres of rolling hills adorned with magnificent flowering trees, plants and shrubbery offering families and visitors a place of tranquility and comfort. Together with our Funeral Home, we are an integral part of the Philadelphia Area community, centrally located to Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties, yet serene and secluded. Our Cemetery serves all funeral homes and our Funeral Home serves all cemeteries allowing families to use all of our services and facilities or select from individual options we offer that best reflect the wishes of your loved one.

We are here to serve families with the highest of standards offering a broad array of options for either burial or cremation. Interments can be scheduled seven days a week.

Single Grave

We allow for two casket burials and two cremated remains in each grave (dependent upon property location.) Only flush markers are permitted on single graves.

Double Property

A double property contains two single graves side by side. An upright monument is permitted on two graves or more.

Family Property

Family properties contain more than two graves. Most families chose a family property so extended family members can be laid to rest together.

Estate Property

In our 187 acres, there are many estate properties to choose from. An estate property includes 500 square feet or more and can accommodate in-ground or above-ground burials. Large memorials, private estates and mausoleums are permitted on an estate property.

Hero Walk

To honor our Veterans and First Responders, we offer these brave men and women a discount on cemetery expenses in our Hero Walk. A flush marker is included in the package.

Community Mausoleums

For those families wishing for above-ground burial, we have a choice of two community mausoleums. Mausoleum of Peace is an architectural beauty built from stone and our Pines Terrace is a contemporary classic constructed of brick.

Cremation Lot

We offer in-ground property for the burial of cremated remains. A cremation package property allows for a flush marker.

Reflection Garden

For families wishing to scatter their loved one's cremated remains, we have a beautifully designed garden ideal for a ceremonial releasing service. Our Book of Life offers families a place of permanent memorialization for their loved one.

Granite-front Niches

Our Mausoleum of Peace and Pines Terrace have granite-front niches. A wonderful final resting place for your loved one's cremated remains.

Interior Glass-front Niches

Inside our magnificent Chapel of Peace, families have a choice of glass-front niches for the permanent resting place of their loved one's cremated remains allowing for a decorative urn design showcased in a protective glass columbarium.