Makom Shalom

Makom Shalom

Makom Shalom - A Place of Peace

Privately owned and operated, West Laurel Hill has served families with outstanding service since 1869. This expansion of our first beautifully landscaped Jewish Cemetery and our warmly decorated Funeral Home are conveniently located on our grounds.

Construction for this new area recently got underway in May of 2021. Inspired by the natural landforms that make West Laurel Hill Cemetery’s landscape and experience memorable, Makom Shalom takes advantage of one of the finest views in the cemetery from a spectacular viewing terrace. Utilizing a series of garden-scaled, terraced landscape rooms to embrace an inward sensibility of remembrance, the design is focused on creating a contemporary, contemplative garden that respects Jewish funeral customs and culture, while integrating effortlessly with the surrounding landscape of West Laurel Hill. Ultimately, this new section will engage with the land to provide a naturalistic setting organized into a collection of smaller burial neighborhoods.

Makom Shalom will hold close to 900 graves within three acres of gardenesque landscape. The new section is expected to be completed in June 2022. For more information about Makom Shalom or to pre-arrange, contact us at (610) 668-9900 or [email protected].

West Laurel Hill President & CEO, Nancy Goldenberg, with Cemetery Board Members and State Senator Amanda Cappelletti at the groundbreaking ceremony of Makom Shalom.