Black History Month Walking Tour

Black History Month Walking Tour

Saturday, February 29 - 1pm

Every February, Americans commemorate and pay tribute to the achievements and central role of African Americans in shaping our history. This February, West Laurel Hill Cemetery will pay tribute to som…

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Women's Leader Tour

Women’s Leader Tour

Sunday, March 29 - 11am

There are many kinds of leaders, from visionaries who push the boundaries of their artistic fields and scientists uncovering the secrets of medicine, to protestors advocating for the advancements of c…

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Unsinkable to Unthinkable

Unsinkable to Unthinkable

Sunday, April 26 - 1pm

April 15, 1912. Newspapers across the globe spread the tragic news; the unsinkable Titanic, on her maiden voyage, had sunk. On that morning, the world tried to comprehend how such a fate could have cl…

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