The Friends Annual Fund

2019 Annual Fund

As the beginning of another holiday season approaches, we are thrilled by the progress made this year to strengthen the Friends of Laurel Hill & West Laurel Hill Cemeteries. We look forward to setting a new dynamic course for continued success in the coming year and beyond. Your generosity directly impacts the great work we are able to do, and for that we are most grateful.

With support from our donors, we are connecting people to our cemeteries and to each other like never before. This year we hosted over 3,100 people at our Cinema in the Cemetery series and greeted more than 2,400 visitors at our third annual Market of the Macabre. From the first annual wreath laying ceremony in honor of Revolutionary War hero Hugh Mercer to our fifteenth (and most successful) Gravediggers’ Ball, 2019 has proven to be an historic year for our Friends.

These significant accomplishments are a testament to the power and supportive network of our Friends.

But perhaps the most significant achievement this year has been the growth in breadth and depth of the organization, evolving from one solely devoted to protecting and preserving Laurel Hill Cemetery, to becoming the Friends of Laurel Hill & West Laurel Hill Cemeteries. Our two remarkable cemeteries are now connected, as are its members, working together for the stewardship and safeguarding of both historic properties.

Why should Laurel Hill and West Laurel Hill Cemeteries matter to you? Since Laurel Hill’s founding in 1836 and West Laurel Hill’s founding in 1869, these cemeteries have remained free and fully accessible educational and recreational resources for families, for nearby communities, and for faraway visitors. The Friends of Laurel Hill & West Laurel Hill Cemeteries was established to ensure they remain as such. With your support, we can continue to offer unique programming, restore our historic landscape and monuments, and continue to serve as an open green space for both the city of Philadelphia and Greater Philadelphia area.

Why should you support Laurel Hill and West Laurel Hill? Your gift to the Friends’ 2019 Annual Fund for Laurel Hill and West Laurel Hill Cemeteries will make a true difference. Your support will render possible another monumental year of growth and progress. After the completion of major projects undertaken in the last several years including the restoration of the medallion gardens, the opening of a pedestrian entrance at Kelly Drive, and the launch of a new downloadable mobile app, the Friends continue to look to the future and plan to restore more of the sites’ landscape and monuments to their original grandeur. Because of your support, the beauty of these sites can be enjoyed at no cost, each and every day, to visitors from all over, the city, region, and country. Thank you.

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