The Goats Are Baaack!

The Goats Are Baaack!

We have partnered with the Philly Goat Project to move forward with our new sustainability efforts! We have employed their goats to help control invasive species, weeds, thorns and poison ivy behind our green burial site, Nature’s Sanctuary. With the help of these cute creatures, we will be using less tools for landscaping that emit toxins into our environment!

We will also be holding weekly community walks! Members of the PGP will be guiding walkers around the cemetery with the help of their herd. For more information about the walks, visit our event page here:

Feel free to stop by to visit Teddy, Annie and Ray from now through September!

About the Philly Goat Project:

It is a unique community-based program offering grazing, animal-assisted therapy, goat yoga and community wellness. The intention of the program is to provide these unique services while practicing responsible environmentalism, respectful and humane treatment of all creatures, while creating a platform that brings really fun agricultural experiences to the urban landscape.

You can meet all their goats here: