Tombstone Tourism is Booming

Tombstone Tourism is Booming

A curious thing is happening at some of the oldest urban cemeteries in the United States. They’ve become havens for cabin-fevered city-dwellers. Thousands of cooped up people are flocking to them each week for a dose of fresh air. And families are bringing their children to release a little energy. Since occupants are six-feet under, following the strictures of social distancing proves a cinch.

The new wave of visitors is quickly succumbing to the strange charms of “tombstone tourism.” Also known as taphophilia (the “love of cemeteries”), the activity has always had a loyal constituency. The Facebook “Taphophilia” page alone has more than 10,000 followers. Yet, it’s not what we’d call a mainstream American activity. Until now.

While diehard tombstone tourists have always felt at home in cemeteries, social distancing is bringing out a new crowd.

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