6 Philly Businesses That Put Your Office’s Sustainability Efforts to Shame Read

6 Philly Businesses That Put Your Office’s Sustainability Efforts to Shame Read

As businesses across the world gear up World Cleanup Day on September 15, here’s a look at companies in and around Philadelphia that make sustainability a priority all year long.

West Laurel Hill Cemetery’s sustainable burial site, Nature’s Sanctuary, makes it possible to go green in the afterlife. The cemetery, which is the first in the country to receive a Gold SITES Certification for landscape sustainability, seeks to restore the landscape as it transitions from a meadow to a fully formed woodland, according to Green Philly Blog.

The native plant life isn’t the only feature that makes this cemetery sustainable. Nature’s Sanctuary cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions by using a team of goats and solar powered lawn mowers, rather than regular mowers to trim the grass and control invasive species, poison ivy, and thorns behind the burial site. They’ve also partnered with Philly beekeeper, the Benevolent Bee, to maintain three bee apiaries on the grounds and have implemented a new water-based cremation system for their pet services that reduces their carbon footprint.

Their commitment to sustainability stretches back to their opening in 2008 when they became the first cemetery in Philadelphia to be certified by the green burial council.

“We have to care for the land,” Nancy Goldenberg, president and CEO of West Laurel Hill Cemetery & Funeral Home told Philly Mag. “We owe it to our families and employees to manage our property and, therefore, their loved ones in a way that’s respectful to the earth.”

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