Leave A Perpetual Legacy.

Mission Statement

To embrace and implement strategies that positively exhibit our social, environmental and economic values in support of our families, employees and the community in perpetuity.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, please read the Sustainable Strategy Plan.

The Goats Are Baaack!

The Goats Are Baaack!

We have partnered with Green Goats to move forward with our new sustainability efforts! The goats will help to control invasive species, weeds, thorns and poison ivy behind our green burial site, Natu…

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Energy & Waste Management

Energy & Waste Management

The Energy and Waste Action Plan will ensure our organization meets its long term energy and landfill waste reduction goals. As of July, 2016 baseline metrics were completed for electric and natural …

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Land Conservation

Land Conservation

Our Land Conservation Action Plan will decrease the amount of mulch, top soil and stone purchased and decrease erosion and increase biodiversity. Land conservation refers to practices that are desig…

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Employee Wellness and Engagement

Employee Wellness and Engagement

West Laurel Hill cares about its employees. The Employee Wellness and Engagement Plan is designed to help understand the needs of our employees and to continually improve upon employee wellness and s…

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